Youth Football Ethos

First and foremost Lympstone Youth FC aims to offer children good fun, exercise and a chance to improve their playing ability, all within a safe and encouraging environment and free from the pressure that a win at all costs approach always brings. Whilst it’s true that success is part measured by winning matches this is by no means our primary goal. We strongly believe in the long-term development of children on and off the pitch not only as players but as young people as well.


Youth football has so much to offer. At our club we endeavour to create a positive atmosphere which we hope breeds confidence and self-esteem in our young players. This is the only way they can achieve their full potential and be the best that they can be. We do our best to keep the costs involved to a minimum, so that participation and inclusion is not down to financial circumstances.

Football is an extremely passionate game even at grass roots level and there are moments when we can all find it difficult to contain our emotions. However, at LYFC we strive to encourage each other as managers and parents to promote fair play, respect and teamwork and to show a good example to the children playing the game on the pitch.

As a club, we do not condone poor pitch-side behaviour, whether from our managers, coaches or parents. We expect all adults to offer positive encouragement to the players on the pitch. We expect parents to let the managers and coaches do their job without interference. Above all we expect everyone to respect the decisions of the match officials.

In order to achieve our aims and continue to attract players, volunteers and sponsors we realise that the reputation of the club as a whole is of the utmost importance. The good name of LYMPSTONE Youth Football Club is something to be proud of. It is the responsibility of all those associated with the club to uphold the values that are so important to our continued success.
“When they play matches, we impress upon the players three objectives.

  • Firstly, we must be the more sporting team.
  • Then we must try to win by playing better & being more creative than the opposition, with attacking football.
  • Finally, we want to WIN! But we don’t want to win without the first two aims being fulfilled.”